Restaurant PRINGSEWU, Colouring Culinary in Pemalang

Pemalang, - Pring sewu pemalang restaurant give a surprise to a group of Maaruf junior high school student in Demak Regency who is on his 13th birthday,the restaurant that server Pring sewu Pemalang becomes the main destination for culinary cannoisseurs in Pemalang Regency.

Pemalang happy smile seemed poured from a student of the Maaruf middle school study tour group in Demak ,central java, a happy smile that was immeasurably getting an extraordinary,surprise from the restaurant Penyetan pring sewu Pemalang,how could he not have thought if the visit was given an extraordinary surprise with a welcome celebretion day the 13th birthday,the atmosphere accompanied by the gusts of tonights winds seemed to be full of warmth when the restaurant Penyetan team gave a. surprise in the farm of a simple celebration for him i did not expect to be given surprise birthday celebration that was very extraordinary thanks to restaurant Penyet pring sewu barrier said Elina who could not vent her happines. 

As forvas the can see the restaurant  that has been pear acros the culinary world of the archipelago is not only serving dishes that spail the tongue of the culinary connisseuis Pring Sewu tuning Pemalang,also always supports the program of the central goverment of the province to district or city in attracting tiurist visits,the development of the world of tourism in the archipelago is very rapid, not only in the field of hospitality tourist attraction, by the center, or souvenirs of the destination also in the culinary field,far this reason we are, present as a culinary service provider,to in dulge the cannoisseurs of dishes in every region including this Pemalang district said general manager of Penyetan Pring Sewu Pemalang restaurant Nuryanthi a restaurant in the culinary center Gandulan Culinary Center(GCC)Pemalang Regency seen. 

Seems to be an atrraction for culinary connoisseaurs who come from Pemalang district to outside the area,how not a restaurant that provides full service as smile and warmth for the visitors is,also a main destination for culinary connoisseurs,from various regions and want to enjoy a delicious treat on an empty stomach. 

In addition to presenting various dishes such as tofu,tempe penyet,chicken geprek,oxtail soup to fried rice,,Penyetan pring sewu Pemalang restaurant also provides typical Pemalang district products such as Batik goyor,snacks to original handicrafts of Pemalang district besides the restaurant located on the west side of the toll exit trans java grenade Pemalang is also collaborating with dekranasda Pemalang regency proven dekrasnada stand next to the restaurant Penyetan Pring sewu Pemalang always looks crowded by visitor besides our,culinary delights we provide a spesial stand by typical Pemalang,we also work closely with dekranasda in the field of original results from Pemalang district.

eanwhile in a separate,place for the head of the diskoperindag Hepi,also dismissed the news that the restaurant of Pring Sewu Pemalang to ok over the culinary center infeetility the news was not true,because of the existance of the restaurant Penyetan Pring sewu Pemalang stretching tourism in the culinary field rose because the tourism service bureaus from enjoy culinary dishes,the more tourists who come,the more,the tax generated for the Pemalang diatrict because 10% of the total dish in the income tax paid to the Pemalang district Pring Sewu Pemalang sewer restaurant also privides,a large Paeking area,for childrents games,selling pland seeds,and selling a variety of magic equipment for visitors who want to learn magic. 

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